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Originally Posted by Action View Post
Wtf... people we were leading the league in running at a point.

Play calling changes when you fall behind multiple scores.

During the eagles game I believe starting on 3rd or 4th series, eagles defense knew the run plays they started to get TFL on running plays.

Are you idiots watching the game?

Mike probably just checked the box score and was told to make some comments.

You think heís out here watching Broncos games with his bank account LMAO

Nobody seems to be capable of thinking for themselves.

Trump is president though...
Originally Posted by Action View Post
What happens when you run 40 times and throw 20 times and still lose by multiple scores?

How does THAT look?

Average ass minded people.
Originally Posted by Action View Post
Not saying the play calling isnít an issue but to break down to something as basic as, we need to run more!! Is ****ing stupid when weíve already established that identity since the beginning of the season.

VJ said for Siemian to be his best the run game has to work. And he said we are a Run first PA team.

****s not working, McCoys plays/play calling isnít that good... and mix in the ****ty OL.
you done spazzing out?
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