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Posted by Pittsburgh Sports Insider on February 25th, 2008
Some bad news tonight concerning injured Pens forward Gary Roberts.

It looks as though the Penguins won’t have the services of Gary Roberts during the playoffs. Will this effect what Ray Shero does at the NHL’s Trade Deadline? Tonight on KDKA-TV, Bob Pompeani reported that Roberts season and possibly his career could be over.

Pompeani says that Ron Cook of the Post-Gazette reports in tomorrow’s editions that
Roberts, who was expected back soon, after a long recovery from a broken leg, has had a major setback. In fact, his career might be in jeopardy

Roberts told the p-g, that he tried to skate 2 weeks ago and crumbled to the ice in a heap……
He was r-examined and it was revealed that he tore a ligament in his ankle….and now, he hopes to be back by march 27th….but that is a long shot at best!

So much for the Penguins getting a rested Roberts for the playoffs! It’s looks as though Shero $2.5 million investment wasn’t a good one. Good thing he only gave Roberts a one-year deal.


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