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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
ok so we kinda agree on hossa, espositos attitude is the reason he fell far enough for you guys to take him in the first place, remember he was a top 5 pick just a few months before the draft. that is alot to give up for somebody that you dont expect to have next year.
Christiansen was on his way out. He didn't really have a niche on the team, and he wasn't going to get the quality minutes at C with the talent above him. Armstrong has a few big hits a year, scores a *few* goals, but isn't more than a 3rd liner.

With a prospect & a pick you just aren't sure WHAT will come out of them. It could be good, or it could be Kris Beech

Getting Hal Gill is a major improvement, now that i see Gill was brought in - i'm much more interested in this trade.

Also, some notes on the cap (these aren't official):

2008-09 Cap Hit

Crosby- $8.7 million Malkin- $3.384 million Sykora- $2.625 million Staal- $2.2 million Talbot- $.675 million Kennedy- $.550 million

Gonchar- $5 million Whitney- $4 million Sydor- $2.5 million Gill- $2.1 million Scuderi- $.713 million Letang- $.647 million

Sabourin- $.513 million Total- $33.607 million Need to re-sign

Malone- $3.2 million Laraque- $1.3 million Ruutu- $1.2 million Dupuis?- $1 million

Orpik- $2 million Nasredinne- $.550 million

Fleury- $3 million Conklin?- $1.5 million
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