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alfred e numan

Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
That's great and Elway had a perfect ending.

I hope Kansas City wins a SB in the somewhat foreseeable future. Not all of us are like the trolls here.

In fact, Kansas City has some of the nicest fans you'll ever see. It's just a shame that the Chiefs haven't given the fans a championship. This town deserves so much more than the Chiefs and Royals have given them.
yeah just that despicable sob kc stud.
look we are rival fans we give each other hard times i get it its not personal its just a lil poke , but you get turds like kc stud who go way beyond good taste and it pisses me off . now bob well he just a kc troll hes just on here for comedy relief.
and the raider fans are thugs
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