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I get playing the percentages, I get the poor performance because of the soft mentality of the head coach, but do not Offer up we were Shocked as an Excuse for that travesty on SAT. I just talked to several NFL coaches I know and they are all at Fox and Elway for trying to sell that BS to the media. Every NFL team preaches "Sudden Change" on Defense and Offense situationally. That means being mentally tough when a TO or sudden Score from DEF or ST's occurs. If DEN was shellshocked, it was because of poor mental preparation from the coaching staff before and during the game. Situational awareness and initiative were mismanaged all day long.

First, that loss was a failure of leadership and coaching. The lack of coaching for Moore was atrocious. JDR, Ron Milus, and Sam Garnes are not sleeping well at all right now for botching that rush three, five under, 3 deep play where the DAMN safety never flipped his hips to keep depth and tried to backpedal to a deep ball. WTF does he care if they complete the ball in front of HIM?!? Why was he reading the underneath routes at all in that situation? Poor coaching, and even worse situational awareness by a kid who is over his head covering deep still. Why not invite the short throw and rush 4? It is not like they were getting any pressure all game anyway and could even think they could with just 3! Then, play quarters coverage all day with umbrella principles to funnel all catches in bounds? WTF are you playing that crap coverage in the first place?

Second, after that, why take a knee? Why? It is philosophical. However, it also surrenders the initiative. It says, hey BAL if you want this game its there for you to take it, we just want you to give it to us. A team like BAL will take that Initiative when offered it. I do NOT think BAL played that well at all, they just simply said thank you and took advantage of DEN's own terrible mistakes. 4 of their 5 TD's were our mistakes and the other was a lucky as hell non PI call return TD. We gave them all kinds of chances to stay alive and let them stick around. Never once did they risk putting them away. That is not being Brave or taking the initiative IMHO.

Third, DEN deserved to lose that game, because that was the ONLY way BAL had a chance to win. Do not show up on Defense, commit horrible mistakes that lead directly to TD's, and make assinine decisions with the game on the line. Even as poorly as they played, they should have been able to withstand it if Moore simply does his job. That was a desperation throw by Flacco, and as badly as he was postioned when it was thrown, if he used proper technique he had the ability to break it up, commit PI, or even Intercept that ball and end the game!

I was sure that would not happen this week. Boy was I wrong. Mentally, this team has a LOOONG way to go if they ever want to be more than regular season world beaters. Way too many poor leadership decisions in that game and way too many mistakes.
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