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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Oh Noosss! Tom Brady has 6 Playoff losses! OMG That means 6 years he lost a playoff game without winning a SB! He is teh suck!

Manning has 1 SB win and 1 SB loss, Year in and out he is in contention to win a SB. I will take my chances with a guy who has been to the playoffs that many times over someone my team hasn't even drafted yet or Matt Cassell.

You keep forgetting that we have been through this before back in 1996 only to come back the following years dominating the NFL with back to back SB's.

It is sad when one player has more playoff appearances than an entire franchise.
It's so funny that every brokeback on this board says that the Chiefs season's of the 90's meant nothing, but this season was a great accomplishment for Brokeback Nation!!!

You accomplished more with Tebow last year than you did with Manning this year! Talk about wasting 18 million dollars!

You can make fun of Matt Cassel all you want but at the end of the day, you wasted money on Manning this year for the same result that Cassel yielded: one-and-done playoff loss!
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