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Originally Posted by rmsanger View Post
You're skirting the issue.. My point was completely related to on the field play and not morality or so n so's past. I know champ was charged with rape and has several babies with different mama's so he certainly is no saint.

I still can't believe this forum is giving him a pass on his play. All of the Fox hate, Raheem the dream, PM choke threads but the biggest F'up was champ. Yet nobody here will hold him accountable for it. He's supposedly a first ballot HOF, one the best Broncos, and in the discussion for top 5 CB of all time. When the biggest game of his career approaches and the dude decides to wear a skirt.

I guess there are too many orange tinted glasses w/Champ's name on it on this forum.
I said in a thread before game to win we need Bailey to make big plays. He's the HOF and like Atwater did should lead th secondary with a huge playoffs. Instead Bailey choked and looked to me like he didn't even care out there. No fire at all.
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