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Pat Bowlen

Yeah I want to go on record and say I never said Portis sucked. I wish we could have kept him somehow because this system was perfect for him.

I am thrilled we got Bailey - he is obviously the player that can play in any system. I never hated Portis or thought he sucked, though. I didn't wish him ill in Washington. I don't think he was all-world, but I think in the right system he could have been one of the better backs of the decade. Instead Gibbs made him gain weight and ran his power/trap scheme form the 80's and completely destroyed what made him good by grinding him into the dust.

I don't know if he would have been a HOF player in a better system, but if he went to a team like the Saints or Philly, he could have been rich man's Brian Westbrook. That would have been awesome.
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