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Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
Now to get this back to a normal, mature conversation.

Bottom line: both players wanted out. I just find it funny how some of you perceived Portis as a God when he was in Denver but when he got traded, he became absolute trash, just because he wanted out.
Portis didn't want out, he wanted to be Paid big money. He averaged 5.5 yds a Carry here. not sure what his average was in DC but i'm sure it was under 5 every year and maybe even in the 3's once or twice. I'm pretty sure also had (and i'm not stat checking here) more TDs in his 2 years on the broncos than any year with DC.

like you, i live in the DC area, all the Skins fans want to feel better about losing out on that deal. Portis brought less to DC than Champ did to Denver. Champ also brought a second round pick with him (there in lies the Fleecing portion). Champ is probably still going to make the pro bowl this year and Clinton Portis is worn out and done.
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