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Originally Posted by v2micca View Post
I appreciate the Dark Knight Rises for what it attempts to accomplish. I think it largely fails in its attempts, both structurally and thematically. But I appreciate the fact that they made an honest to god effort instead of just trying to recreate The Dark Knight with a Joker stand-in.
OK - that's fair. I concede the film makers had a huge plot/story problem with Heath's untimely demise.

But that film had plot holes you could park a 747 in.

My core issue with DKR is "A Tale of 2 Ropes":

Rope #1: When Wayne is trying to escape from the well, in his first attempt, there is a rope dangling down from the lip of the well, all the way to the bottom. WHY COULDN'T HE JUST CLIMB THE F@$%#IN' ROPE??!?!! Just lazy, lazy film making. The rope serves no purpose in the scene - why is it there?

Rope #2: When 3500 or so of Gotham's Finest are trapped for weeks (months?!!) in the sewers under the city, and kids are lowering soup down to them on a rope.. Wait a G#%$$D@MN MINUTE - they're lowering a ROPE??!! - "Hey kid - see if you can tie that rope off to something solid - I'm climbin' up!". Do the math. Even if that was their only point of egress - you could move 500 cops a day back up into the city. In less than a week, your police force is no longer trapped, and at the very least, they're fighting a running insurgency battle for control of the city.

Sooooo incredibly weak and lazy..
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