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I just finished storm of swords and am 100 pages in to the next one. Crowns for crows or something. I love it.

I would say storm of swords is also my fav of the 3 i have read so far. Some of the twists I did not ever see coming and I usually am one to see those kinds of things..But the whole........ Spoilers--

[bran being dead but not dead and then lady stark with the same thing? I am not far enough in the 4th book to know for sure if caitlyn stark is alive or not, but she was there in the first chapter of it....just crazy completely caught me off guard. I love it!

I hope there is a lot of bran in the 4th book. Im really anxious to see what comes of him and the 3 eyed crow man or whatever they called him

I had heard that they are breaking up season 3 into two seasons..? Is that accurate? If so, the guy a few posts up might be right. By the time they, A get the books finished, and B get the filming done they might have to recast tons of people...If they are still alive that is.
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