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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Oberyn is my favorite character in the series to date. Way too much like me. Awesome yet arrogant to a downfall.
Oberyn, really? Won't question a person's opinion, but he's kind of a secondary character until the duel, and then...

But I do remember reading that chapter 3x over before moving on, my jaw just hit the floor. A Storm of Swords was definitely my favorite of the 5 books.

Unfortunately, if he keeps with containing the stories geographically rather than chronologically, looks like we're in for alot of Sansa in the next one. Just hopes he gives a clue to the fate of my 2nd favorite character, the Lord Commander. Did not like the way ADWD ended. Et tu Brute?!

Just bought a copy of The Hedge Knight today too.
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