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I started re-reading the whole series when the GoT series premiered -- and I'm finally about half way through ADwD.

Re-reading the series I'm growing more and more concerned about how they can possibly adapt it into a series with ~10eps/book. So much nuance will be lost with that little screen time, and it will likely be nothing but a shell of the book.

Not to mention the actress playing Arya (and the other child actors) will be 30 years old by the time they get to the end, ha! I forsee the need for a lot of casting changes and/or a fairly radial reinterpretation of the characters and timeline.

Regardless, this adaptation already far surpasses the disgustingly terrible attempt to adapt the Sword of Truth series (Legend of the Seeker). Of course, that endeavor was doomed to a short run from the beginning due to the vast drop off in quality after book 3.

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