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M. Salah

Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Yeah, I don't even know if that's called all the time in regular time either. The hand on the ball was clean. There was some body contact but it wasn't that bad. LMAO on the dude who said he got blown up, hahahah.

For the most part I thought it was a pretty well officiated game. Very entertaining game game also. Was a blast to watch regardless of who won.
It was a typical end-of-game play.

That same play would have happened in the regular season. It would have still been a no-call whether home or away, star or not.

At the end of regulation or OT, whistles get swallowed. There's going to be b****ing, there always is, but I was definitely fine with that no-call.

They should have called a timeout to set something up anyways.
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