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Originally Posted by enjolras View Post
Why would you want the expense of a place like Denver, Chicago, or Seattle? If you want to live in a ****ty suburb there are lots of better places to do it. Watching the miles of traffic jams this morning on TV drives that point home.

The actual city of Denver, on the other hand, is amazing. Walkable, vibrant, and varied. It's my favorite place on earth and it's why my wife and I choose to make our family home here.
Truth. If you want suburbs, move to Houston, where it is one large suburban orgy at about half the cost and twice the salary.

Denver has some great neighborhoods that have that city neighborhood feel, yet are safe, have great dinning, walkable and your food choices aren't limited to TGI Friday's and Chili's.

Great city to live in if you have to live in an urban area.
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