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Originally Posted by baja View Post
I think you are off by a couple of years.

Originally Posted by baja View Post
I realize that is a bold prediction but gold will reach $2,000 per oz. sometime in 08
Can't find my favorite Christmas prediction but the 3 year old "Gold to hit 2K" prediction serves my purpose just fine.

Watts fooled an entire scouting staff. What saw was his amazing ability to get open even on Champ. I guess you knew he had a tendon injury in high school
No I read the same article that everyone including you read... You bet a 1 handed receiver would succeed.

I chose a different path

I still think McD will mature into a good HC. He had no chance here because Bowlen handed him way to much power. It's like buying a 16 year old a classic GTO and saying forget drivers education learn as you go.
I don't put much faith in egomaniacal cheaters... especially ones that recently tore my favorite team apart.

again you and I are taking different paths.
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