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Will Parks

Originally Posted by Missouribronc View Post
First, for me to "move the goalposts" I'd have to have been making a specific argument earlier. I wasn't, so that's not really a valid argument.

That said, I saw this discussion as a long term projection based on what we saw this last year and overall rather than a knee-jerk reaction to this year.

If I were evaluating Tebow's season as a passer it would be a D- or an F. Newton would receive a C+ or a B. He's a clearly superior passer, and that, ultimately is more important in the long run.
You're moving the argument into the future because the present doesn't fit your take. It's the same thing.

Leaf was clearly a superior passer to a lot of guys. How does the notion of douche nozzles fit into your "long term" theory?
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