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Originally Posted by Bronco Rob View Post
Nice use of pretzel logic. Champ Bailey has been on teams that actually won in the playoffs AND had an impact on the games outcome unlike derrick Houdini thomas who would disappeared in big games.

Now answer the question...what happened in the biggest game of his entire career?

DT has been on teams that have won in the playoffs too. He was there in the early 90's with Montana. In fact, DT has MORE playoff wins than Champ as of right now, so there goes your "pretzel logic".

And how about Champ disappearing when Peyton Manning threw 5 TD's and steamrolled you in 2003 to at 41-10 beatdown? Or how about Tom Brady doing the same in January? Where was Champ?

Oh that's right, he had a terrible game, just like his TEAM did, so don't even pull that garbage.

Your own logic shuts you up again.
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