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Originally Posted by Bronco Rob View Post
*Unilateral disarmament.....translation "I can't answer any of the questions"

That's the point..look at all the other pass rush specialist enshrined in Canton. They didn't disappear in big games, your weak attempts to deflect to conversation speaks volumes.

All chef fan says is kc was winningest team in the nineties yet glosses over their 3-7 post season record (during dt's tenure) who's "best player" vanished like a fart in the wind come the playoffs.

Bottomline his best games happened at Sparrowhead (due to the crowd noise) and during the regular season...That's not Canton-worthy.

The original question you're responding to was mine. You are deflecting. I simply could care less about your arguement based in BS.

This just in. He was in fact Canton worthy.

You know who aint done **** in this league? Von Miller. He may someday match DTs carreer. But I doubt it.

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