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Kush & Irsay

Originally Posted by crazyhorse View Post
You have obviously not experienced the rivalry in the 90s by watching. Any clear thinking person could see instantly the effect DT had in the game.

Trying to dismiss 7 sacks by asking who won is for those that struggle with logic. Its the record. Followed by not one but two 6 sack games by the end of his carreer. No one has come close. Including your boy Miller.

If DT played today he would be the best defender in the west. Bar None.

And ask Elway if he can tackle.

I've been to more chef games than you have...believe that and I worked out at the same Gold's gym as DT. He rented one of the clubs I was working at for his celebrity golf tournament after party also worked at the club where the Derrick Thomas & Neil Smith radio show was broadcast from. We went to the same nightclubs and knew the same people ran in same circles. So spare me fan boy...

The reason I brought up the seven sack game is because it encapsulates his entire career...alot of empty sacks with nothing to show for it. Now... answer the question..what happened on the last play of the game..

As time expired, Seattle's Dave Krieg wriggled free of Thomas and heaved a desperation 25-yard touchdown pass to Paul Skansi in the end zone. Norm Johnson booted the extra point to give the Seahawks a 17-16 victory over the stunned Kansas City Chiefs.

"I thought I had him," said Thomas, a linebacker who won the A.F.C. defensive Rookie of the Year award last season. "He just stumbled back and caught his balance and threw the pass. That last sack I didn't get is the one I'm going to remember."

If dt played today he would be Tamba Hali with a hangover.

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