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Well I am just amused about how getting to the AFC championships and losing is better than nothing. By that standard, this year's Broncos would be one game shy with a QB with fewer years of experience and weaker skillset than who we are bringing in.

I am by no means arguing against Peyton. I love Peyton. I think he's amazing and I think he will draw in other talent and elevate what we have currently.

But this **** all attitude about Tebow is curious to me. Do I think Tim won this season by himself, **** no, but it was sure a hell of a lot more fun to watch then our painful losses with Orton (who by the way I also liked, but he's clearly a back up, not a starter). And yes the Teboners are annoying, but you know it is possible to like Tebow and the Broncos and not actually be a Teboner.
It's because some of them are more in it for getting rid of Tebow than they are for Manning. Peyton was just the means to the end. Rational fans are going to struggle with having let Tebow go for two years of marginal improvement. But for these guys the actual winning come second to ridding themselves of Tebow.
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