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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State University president Gordon Gee announced his retirement Tuesday after he came under fire for jokingly referring to "those damn Catholics" at Notre Dame and poking fun at the academic quality of other schools.

The remarks were first reported last week by The Associated Press, and Ohio State at the time called them unacceptable and said it had placed Gee on a "remediation plan" to change his behavior.

Gee, 69, said in a teleconference Tuesday that the furor was only part of his decision to retire, which he said he had been considering for a while. He said his age and the start of a long-term planning debate at the university were also factors.

"I live in turbulent times and I've had a lot of headwinds, and so almost every occasion, I have just moved on," he said.

Gee explained away the abrupt timing of his announcement by saying he was "quirky as hell" and hated long transitions,

Pretty lame.
I just don't understand the media. The president of Alabama endorses segregation for their fraternities and there is no outrage from the National media. He eventually becomes the Chancellor. This boob calls TCU "The little sisters of the poor" and makes a poor joke about Catholics and the **** hits the fan.
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