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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Jason in LA View Post
According to DMac, the siblings are backing Beth, but the people who control the trust do not.
I'm really fascinated to see how this turns out. Based on the little that has been reported, I would say that Beth has cause for concern. They have laid out some specific criteria for the job, and she appears to have sincerely attempted to meet it. What's more, she seems to be the only one who is even coming close, at this point.

Perhaps they've given her more detailed feedback behind the scenes? If not, I think it's legitimate to wonder if some of the trustees aren't compromised, in their interest. What would Joe Ellis's role be, for example, if Beth were to be transitioned in? Assuming he would be taking a big step back in responsibility (if he even stayed with the team), is he really the best person to be 33% of the vote, regarding how to proceed? How does he look out for the best interests of the organization if they go totally contrary to the best interests of himself?
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