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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
Unfortunately our leaders are liars who never negotiate in good faith. The bankers have their own agenda -- and they run America. Their goal is to loot the whole world. Hence US foreign policy is about "opening up" new resources and markets -- for us to control.

Give the bankers a loophole -- a foot in the door -- and they will enter and rape the place.

Until/unless we Americans take our country back from the financial elite we will remain as a people the perverse feedstock for anything and everything malignant.

Sad to say -- but all too true./ MHG
Listen gaff, some of your posts are just plane nonsense. But I do think that the lobbyists have a stranglehold on the US Fed Gov. and that yes, much of the legislation that is passed is done so at the expense of the American People (and the middle class in particular).

Here's what I propose, and it's pretty radical, but I think it's necessary and should come from an Executive Order:

Create one building in Washington DC that is for lobbyists. Go ahead and spend $40 million or so (or whatever it costs because it will be a big building, perhaps the biggest in DC) and build a big building with lots of offices just for lobbys. Yes, I know this sounds crazy, but please follow me here--anyone can rent an office, from a tree hugger organization to a grass roots political movement to Wells Fargo. All you have to do is rent and or lease an office (so the money will come back to the American people eventually).

Now, the little guys who don't have lots of money won't have to pay an exorbitant (spelling?) amount of money, but they probably won't have a huge office anyway. Regardless, if you want access to Congress, you have to lease space in this building. Period.

Now, if you refuse to lease space in this building, you have ZERO ACCESS to congress. And, if you are caught soliciting congressional legislators and/or their staff, without officially leasing a space in this building, you AND the congressman/woman/staff will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

OK, so once a group leases an office space in this building it now has the right to ask for a meeting with anyone in congress. It will be up to the congressman/woman to decide to yes, meet with said group or to deny a meeting. However, IT.WILL. BE. ON.RECORD.

For example, if a congressman continaully denies meeting with "The Organization of Native Peoples" it will be on record. If that same congressman meets 10 times a year with "The United Auto Workers" it will be on record. It will be on record how many times these two meet, and for how long they meet. If that congressman/woman (and/or their staff) does not meet with anyone, that too will be on record.

This way, it's trackable which congressman/woman meets with which of it's constituancy and where that politician spends his/her time.

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