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I understand your frustration Drek. But at the same time, with the exception of the Steelers game, we got curb stomped by every good team we played last year. And once again with the exception of the Steelers game it appeared teams had figured out Tebow and the Tebow offense. The Steelers game is an outlier aided by a very banged up team that didn't play well and had a stupid game plan for whatever reason. Reality set back in when we played the Pats. Elway and Fox didn't think the future of this team was playing Tebow style football, they didn't want to deal with the distractions that Tebow brought, and clearly a lot of the players weren't happy with the whole situation based on the comments numerous players have made. Hell even McGahee, who benefitted greatly from Tebow, has made comments that indicate he's happier with the way things are now. I think the circus weighed on a lot of people last year.

Who would I rather have for one game? Tebow. But unfortunately the equation is a lot more complicated than that. The organization clearly viewed getting rid of Tebow to be a net positive. If we lose Manning for an extended period of time we're ****ed either way so let's hope we keep him upright and we won't need to think much about Tebow. Let them deal with the circus in NY.
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