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Originally Posted by BroncosfanGuy View Post
Wilson is better at nearly every metric RE:playing QB, specifically the ones measuring efficiency.
  • higher completion %
  • higher Y/A
  • higher AY/A
  • more TD passes per game played
  • higher TD %
  • lower INT %
  • a rating 13 points higher than Newton's
  • higher career QBR
  • more 4th Qaurter comebacks
  • more GW drives
  • better W/L record

if you used PFR's advanced passing metrics, Wilson blows Newton away again with higher:
  • Y/A+
  • NY/A+
  • AY/A+
  • ANY/A+
  • Cmp%+
  • TD%+
  • Int%+

Thus far, Newton has done 2 things better than Wilson. He's taken fewer sacks per passing play and he's played a better GL RB.
Well no **** those are going to be better - are we going to judge their team, defense, talent, coaching staff, and system? Better W/L record? Are you ****ing kidding me? So Wilson's W/L is better than Aaron Rodgers I guess he's better than Rodgers too.

That's why I emphasize WATCHING football. You compare these stats yet the variables that are out of control of both QBs that factor into these stats are dramatically different.

You really think Wilson would be leading in this stats had they switched teams?

This is beyond opinion - this is absolute stupid logic.
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