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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
Wilson is probably second only to Luck when it comes to being mobile and still looking down the field. Cam has come a long way in terms of being a pocket passer, but when he's flushed from the pocket he's a rusher, not a passer.
So now you're talking about being mobile and passing outside the pocket - when my original statement you disagreed with was talking about passing in the pocket.

Just go look at how many times Wilson throws in a season vs Newton. Better yet - combine passing attempts and rushing attempts of each player and compare. It's pretty obvious who has more responsibility for their offense.

Wilson is out here throwing in the 100+ yard range in a game (on a regular basis) and winning.

To me - the difference is so big that - the only way you can come to a conclusion that Wilson is better is if you only watch sportscenter or some other retarded show - because if you actually see both them play and take into account scheme and talent - you'd have to be damn near retarded to even think Wilson is better.
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