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Instead of just talking about it though, Tenn is actually improving their roster, hence the signing of Hutchinson. Just who is PM going to bring with him? The only Colts worth a damn have already been signed.
Hutchinson is one guy. And Tennesee is pretty much out of cap space and has to clear some now if they do get Peyton.

Come on, don't treat the FA period like it's the end all be all. As a Colts fan, I don't even know about free agency. They've never picked up anyone worth a crap.
And there's still guys that just aren't in the top 20...there always is.

Not true about ex-Colts.
Jeff Saturday - UFA. Peyton's career center.
Ryan Diem - UFA, spent whole career on Peyton's line.
Dallas Clark - released by Colts
what about coaches? : Tom Moore has already been palling around with Peyton at Duke. Howard Mudd went to Philly after retiring from the Colts, and it wouldn't totally surprise me to see him show up, although I think Saturday could coach also if he'd rather not play
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