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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by IndelibleScribe View Post
Yeah, I think reaching for that Jergens is a little premature there, Scribe. I think the Sox and Yanks have been in leak/leverage mode back and forth this whole time. I believe NYY wants him but right now Cashman is trying to wait us out.

The closer we get to spring training the more serious the negotiation will be.

Ultimately, I think a deal might get done with NY. Right now Hahn prolly wants Torres and Frazier. He will probably accept Torres and Rutherford (I know CWS love Rutherford) plus some other pieces.

Cashman will eventually offer Mateo and Rutherford. Hahn will eventually accept giving Cashman the face saving he needs with his fans that he "won" by not giving up Torres or Frazier, and in exchange there will be a third top 100 player in there plus a couple more very nice pieces just outside the Top 100 for depth. So CWS will get like 5 players.

I think that's where it's headed. Everyone at the end can say they won.
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