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Phillip Lindsay

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
YET they kicked our ass..

I have been a fan of the broncos since actually before they were the broncos..

I have lived in many cities from the east coast to the west coast.. I have always followed my team and rooted for them..

That said I admire many of the other teams because they have among other things,
great owners willing to hire the folks they HOPE that will bring them a Lombardi..
great coaches that inspire their players to win.
great GM's that make their coaches better by giving them talent.
great players
great fans of their teams..

It is easy sometime to make fun of morons that come on here or any Bronco forum and talk smack..

But IMO the is a time or place to do that..

Most of what I list above the chefs do not have or did not have for a long time..

However they have been sucking up talent over the years and finnally have a decent HC that is going to make them better..

will they be good enough to beat us consistnetly with Manning behind center.. only time will tell..

I'm guessing they will from time to time whoop up on us and then will crow about it..

Lots of folks forget we did not have a winning season for 17 years..
You sure do like to tell people how to think and how to act. Where do you get off? If you don't like it, STFU and stay off the thread. That's better than being a whiny ass apologist for the Chiefs. Dimwit.
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