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Originally Posted by crowebomber View Post
Man, this thread just makes me think of this:

The Broncos were cruising toward an easy 30-7 victory in Kansas City when Derrick Thomas, the late linebacker, was the culprit in one of the most infamous implosions in "MNF" history. Five times in Denver's final touchdown drive the Chiefs drew personal foul penalties, three of them by Thomas, each one blatant and intentional and each, if you believe him, inspired by Broncos tight end Shannon Sharpe. Sharpe said he had memorized the phone number of Thomas' girlfriend, and that he was reciting it number by number across the line of scrimmage. "I knew at that particular time, at that stage of the game, I could say some things to him and it would bother him," Sharpe said. Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt declared his organization "disgraced," head coach Marty Schottenheimer was reduced to tears, and Thomas was suspended for the next game.

Good times!

I remember that game that poor guy was all screwed up in the head by motor mouth..

I actually felt bad for him..

He was such an incredible talent..
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