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Originally Posted by angryllama
I'll count how many times the Spurs pull the "who, me?" foul conference after fouls and we'll compare them after the game. Maybe I'll also tabulate Ginobili and Bowen flops.
Umm, lets do keep a running tally because every star in the league and most of the players b**** about the calls. TD does it, Dirk does it, LeBron does it, Kobe does it and others as well. It amazing how people discredit the Spurs, you know, who gives a shi*. I'm tired of people complaining about the way they play and complain about the calls. I guess that what happens when every team out West is jealous and envious of their position.

Like I said, I respect the heck out of Dallas and they are even w/ San Antonio but to undermine the Spurs and complain about the officiating is just flat out laughable to me.

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