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Watermock - RIP

Originally Posted by angryllama View Post
He needs someone to help him change some things and manage his public image better.

There have been things that have happened in his career that give him the image of a low-life street thug, and these things just further that perception of him. ESPiN wants him to do these things so that he can be a controversial figure, and unfortunately he continues to oblige.

He understands leadership as stepping into the fray and escalating the situation further for his boy. He needs someone to tell him that leadership in that situation involves thinking about the entire franchise and the fans in the arena. It involves thinking. That takes maturity.
Thats a great point Llama. Someone needs to say being a leader and bigger man means walking away and being there for the next game. Now we don't see him until after Christmas. And ESPin is just eating this up.
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