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Originally Posted by DivineLegion View Post
What's with the show droping Edric Storm, and having Gendry fill his shoes. I can see how they can tie that into later events, but Melisande taking place of the the old crone, in giving Arya her prophecy, that was just weird.
Plus, if Melisandre's teaser of 'we will meet again' holds water, the TV series may have spoiled the Book series for the first time. (I say might have because I can't remember Arya yet meeting with Melisandre in the books and I don't know if their future meeting will happen in the books.)

Honestly, I can understand them dropping Edric Storm. He was a beyond minor character whose only purpose was to Galvanize Davos into action. So, I'm not really annoyed by them dropping his character. However, I am kind annoyed with how Gendry's recruitment has altered his relationship with the Brotherhood. I guess, much like Alfie Allen, they needed to give Joe Dempsie something to do during his Character's long Hiatus in the novels.

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