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Rolls Royce

No, you just took a swipe at holding us scoreless for two periods, like it was some great accomplishment of yours or shortcoming of ours. Toss out the 'injury depleted' card instead of just saying, 'Congrats, your team was better on that day'. Whether it was before or after is irrelevant. As a typical Avs fan, you prefer to make excuses and/or make yourself feel better about a shutout by playing the 'arrogant' card which is very puss-like. Besides, the post about the shutout was not aimed at you, it was aimed at some other myopic avs fan who was making the argument that the avs defense was every bit as good as the wings' despite having less shutouts and more goals allowed. But nice of you to try and protect the honor of your team with such moronic, excuse-laden rants that deflect from your team's inability to beat the wings and put the emphasis on some irrelevant and mindless post about arrogance. Weak.
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