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Originally Posted by MightySmurf
Vaananen is not having his best season defensivley dude. If you remmemer correctly, I was FOR the trade for him, as I thought he had potential to be one of the best definsive players in the league. I think he took a step back this year. It still sucks to see him go. I dont want to see any trades though, because we need to keep the little firepower we have.

I think Sauer has a TON of definsive potential. The guy is big, strong, and fast. A decent skater too. Will never do anything offensivley though.
Ossi had the very difficult task of being partnered with Patrice Brisebois. The fact that Vaananen finished at +10 playing with Brise is a testament to his defensive ability.

Ossi had a slow start to the season adjusting to the new rules, but he picked it up the last month and a half. I hope Sauer can play well after sitting out so long.
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