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Originally Posted by Kevin8Nine View Post

They could have joined the military and had that safety net just in case the **** hit the fan. And made 60k a year.


They could have made 160k in 6 months by going as a civilian contractor with a company like blackwater. But, if you go this route you are taking a huge risk by going into literally a war zone. I do not think the military should have to risk their lives going after these risk takers who were trying to make a quick buck. They signed the contract knowing full well that if they got into a life and death situation, there will be no, i repeat no military backup. If you want the military backup, you should have joined the military. They are on their own. They are literally risking their lives in exchange for a small fortune. Let them risk it.

If you do some research you can see that something like this happened before. There were 4 blackwater contractors who were caught in a sticky situation in iraq a number of years ago. No one came to their aid and all 4 of them were brutally killed. Its why they get paid so much money.
They are getting paid more because they are going to a country where they can be in harms way. Regardless if they are CIA or DOD, helping to train the very Iraqi forces that abandon them, or help in preparation for a transition.. fact remains, they are Amercians, and we don't leave Americans behind.

They also didn't sign on to fight an entire army alone. And may I remind you again they are Americans. What they make has no bearing on the situation. If it were 200 reporters, would u be prepared to rally to support, because they make less? What about truckers, electricians, engineers, and other non trained combatants if they were in the same situation earning the same dollar, do we leave them too because they knew the risk, or do we help them because they are non combatants?

You sound like you are making your opinion based on $. Count your blessings you don't have family there in that situation. And a dick head like you says oh well they knew what could happen.
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