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Well, Aldon Smith was suspended by the 49ers ( after the game today)
"indefinitely" and is being checked into a rehab ( like that works, if the person hasn't made up his mind to get straight himself.)

Probably partially, cause they hope that this will head off the ginger hammer.

I hope that Von is smart enough to realize that his days in the NFL are numbered if he doesn't get straight...but I'm not sure that he is.

I know he moved his parents into his house....but I wonder if his parents are not partying with him.

At any rate, when his suspension is over I am looking forward to him getting back on the field and making plays. Whether he is dumb as a rock or not , he is a really great player, and as long as he is not endangering other people off the field, I will cheer him.
And if he does screw up that way, we won't need to worry about it....Goodell and the Broncos will take care of it. He is now working with a full count and can either get on base or be out.
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