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Originally Posted by TDmvp View Post
In a related story as a child I cheated on a drug test ...
I had been caught drinking in public at 16 and they send me to a diversion course and at the end of it sprung a drug test on me. I freaked out cause I had drank and smoked herb the night before and told the tester I didn't need to go yet and needed some time. She had me drink a ton of water , and then I went pee'ed in the cup just a tiny bit and dipped it in the toilet to fill it... And passed everything. Be it this was in the 90's and how they tested is most likely changed. They used these little card things for each drug back then that they dripped a drop of urine on the card and it went through a maze kinda and had to change color by the end or you failed or something like that.

But anyway ... TL DR ... :O)
Everyone cheats on drug tests. Athletes across all professional sports. Citizens across the nation. It's not really the first thing I would look for in judging someone.

The biggest cheater I knew in HS was a friend of mine who was a gang banging thug that was in all honors and AP classes. He cheated in every class possible and every way possible. He was so good at cheating that teachers knew he was cheating and couldn't stop it without being prejudice. This was your absolute definition of a cheater.

He cheated all the way into Westpoint (sad if you don't know what school this is).

One story I have is, we all ditched school one day and he was driving without a license. He crashed into a car right by school with a 40-50 year old lady driving. Police came we got busted...reported to the school etc...he was in the biggest trouble since he was the driver... I believe he was supposed to be booked and not allowed to have a license until 21.

But, he was already accepted into Westpoint at that time and he made a phone call to a high ranking official...he made a phone call to someone who made a phone call to someone...and then we all got off with nothing. NOTHING. He was able to get his license and never booked but was just responsible for the accident. He was able to get his license right when he turned 18.

This is just one story.

He's now graduated and started off with his own platoon of like 50 and now has own company as a captain without ever serving a day as a normal soldier.

He's definitely cleaned up his act. If you met him today you'd think he lived his life has the law abiding citizen. (he's obviously not like this around friends and definitely takes advantage of his status...which is to everyones benefit around him)

Moral of the story?

Stop ****ing judging people over stupid sh*t.

Someone in this thread said that Von Miller's situation is just as bad as Aldon Smith? Getting caught drunk driving multiple times, being directly involved with stabbing, getting caught drunk driving with weed and pills?

Is just as bad as cheating on a drug test?

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