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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
So is Militia.

Not that it matters, because it wasn't written to mean what you say it does.

It's a prefatory clause that only forwards a rationale for the individual right. It was clearly meant that way by those who wrote it, and interpreted that way all the up until the progressive era when a certain breed of progressive started finding creative ways to try to subvert the established constitutional order.

Basically see above. Just because you don't like what you perceive your country to be doesn't give you the right to start changing the rules mid-game. If you don't like it, work to amend the constitution. Dis-interpreting the Constitution the way you do does the whole document harm, not just the parts you personally don't like.

Like I've said, I don't own anything anyone would plan on banning anytime in the near future. My largest objection is with people happy to watch the undermining of the clear intent of Constitution in order to see their own personal wishlist fulfilled. When you undermine the Constitution simply because it's too hard to legitimately amend to your liking, you're undoing the bonds that tie the country together.
If assault rifles are the bond that holds our country together, then thats a sad ****ing country. This country loves guns, it loves violence, and that stuff isn't going anywhere. But don't give me this **** about how the constitution was something brought on by a higher power (i know you didn't say it, but you seem to hate when people question it) Humans created it. Humans that couldn't predict what our future would look like and didn't really intend to. When the constitution was written, militias were important! Now, we have a fully functioning military. When we are at war, town militias aren't called upon. And if there's a draft, the military provides the weaponry. I know this country loves their guns, and if you want to hunt or protect your family, fine, if that makes you feel better.

But regardless, as I said, I don't think the supply is really the problem here...though it doesn't help. I think we're a culture that equates power and strength with violence and ammunition, and until we start looking at our past differently, and stop priding ourselves on military power, nothings gonna change. And since I dont think that'll ever change, we're stuck with this uniquely american problem forever. But hiding behind an antiquated amendment is absurd. I sincerely doubt the founding fathers would have felt similarly if they already had the most powerful military in the world at their disposal.
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