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Look at the case law I cited. DISH network, Sirius, etc. ALL USE THE RF SPECTRUM so the idiotic analogy your previously quoted source breaks down entirely. Guess what, ABC owns its broadcasting equipment to, the only difference between DISH and ABC is that DISH's RF broadcast equipment is in orbit and ABC's RF broadcast equipment is terrestrial.

Oh, and DISH is a subscriber service (EDIT, preventing the unwanted "intrusion" of their signal in the home where 'the children' can easily view it), and ABC is not.
Hey, I think you're starting to get somewhere with yourself.

You're finally getting it. My personal first amendment freedoms do not protect my ability to bombard the air in other peoples' houses with my own personal messages. I think you're finally starting to grasp the difference between the FCC regulating what travels through public airspace and the government taking away what you can currently legally own in your own home.

Apples and Kittens when you think about it. But you did give it a try. Good effort.
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