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See: Federal Communications Commission v. Pacifica Foundation

The entirety of the FCCs mandate rests on a 'think of the children' defense relating to the easy availability of "indecent" material to children in their homes via TV and radio broadcasts.

(this is the famous George Carlin, 7 Dirty Words supreme court case btw)
That's nice and all. But that only dealt with public RF broadcasting. Nevermind that it's been undermined by numerous other decisions in the 35 years since. For instance

But also good news for TV-decency crusaders! Because the court decided that there was no need for it to take on the broader issue of whether it was the FCC’s constitutional prerogative at all to regulate obscene speech on the airwaves. (Reminder: “airwaves” here means specifically broadcast networks, not cable, because the public owns the air, not cable lines.)
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