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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by -Slap- View Post
I think Carlos Lee needs to go back to the AL. He's a guy who should be getting some DH time in the near future.

Wouldn't Soriano would be more expensive than Ramirez?
I personally would prefer the Madres sign Soriano, let him play second, and re-sign Doc Roberts to play left field. I agree with your assessment of Lee.

As far as Soriano costing more than's likely, but you never can tell when a bidding war will break out. One thing that may help the Madres is that they'll let Soriano play second base. According to a local television station the Madres are going to make a strong push for him. We'll see on that score.

Bronco LB 52 and I are in agreement that Ramirez would be a great fit in S.D...I just don't think it's likely due to their trading for Kouzmanoff (who apparently they're going to give every chance to win the starting job), having Branyan on the roster for a cool million, and the fact that they put in a bid on Akinori Iwamura who can also play third base.

In depressing news I just read that the Madres are exploring signing J.D. Drew. Hopefully the fact that he has Boras for an agent will dissuade them from getting serious. The Madres in the past have jettisoned Boras clients, and refuse to draft his players. (Drafted Matt "China Doll" Bush over Weaver.)
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