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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Yes but DT had 20 sacks in his 2nd season, his best ever, so Von is gonna have to get better in that regard.

Miller will likely be a better in other areas, but DT is arguably the best pass rushing LB of all time. Forced fumbles need to become accounted for too. DT averaged 4 a year.

To suggest that Von is already the best OLB in the league is dumb. As of right now, Von couldn't hold Demarcus Ware's jock.

Ware is the best OLB I've seen since DT. He already has 100 sacks at the age of 30 and will likely be in the top 10 for all time sacks by the time he's 32.
He plays the run really well and is just a monster.
here we go again with man love from KC..

yet he only averaged 10.8 for the next 5 years..

lets not let the manlove get in the way of facts..

there is an old adage "figures never lie, but liars always figure"..

Go figure..

as for DT is arguably the best pass rushing LB of all time


read and weep..
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