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Originally Posted by crazyhorse View Post
That fraud (lol) is Millers favorite player. Funny how over the top you're willing to go to make Von Miller look like a fool. To insult DT fans is to insult Miller. Besides, I'd take Millers idea of what it takes to play LBer before I would yours. Not because you look foolish here, but because he has had success at it while you have not. You know....the Pro Football Hall of Fame and such.

Unless you're going to surprize the hell out of me and prove you were once a pro football player. No, if I had to guess I would guess you were a boxer. That would explain several of these posts.
Players look at the stats and the film of what others do. In Millers case I suspect that is the reason he wanted to be like him.. I also suspect that someone told him at one time or another he "played like DT".. therefore put in film study to further emulate him..
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