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You have to ask yourself why to fans boo? Pretty simple, they payed their buckolla's and the result? Terrible defense when it counts, lackluster offense, poor play calling at strategic points, and of course ST's ENSURING the chargers got a running start from their 40 yd line or deeper for the most part. I wouldn't have been pleased if I were sitting in the stands, that's for sure. In any case, hard earned money down the drain for anyone in the stands last night. Very poor showing at HOME. A change is needed, there is no doubt of that. Shanahan better pull the trigger, and better re-load with a real gunslinger and his cannon. Not jake and his slingshot, jake is simply not getting it done, time to hang him in the closet ....dman

*Fans are emotional. Booing was an emotional response to the debacle on the field. Makes perfect sense to me. And, to be honest, alot of broncos flat out didn't earn their paycheck last nite. Some of us might have been handed a pink slip TODAY if we performed on any given day, the way the broncos did last night. They earned the fans emotional "rath" and any questioning of their competence that comes with it with their terrible performance against the chargers.
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