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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by ludo21 View Post
i enjoy his twitter feed for sure.

Is it just me (with those with twitter) or is there a lot of beat writers and writers on Twitter complaining about their jobs recently about being 60
+ hour/week jobs?
They stand on a lawn, ignore the practices, and talk about the escorts they were nailing last night, or how drunk they got or whatever. Not even joking. They don't watch practice. Collect sound bites from the press conferences, and then hack something out they were planning on writing regardless, or sometimes in spite of, what's happening in camp that week.

The good ones actually seek out some of the players as they leave the field and talk to them. And they'll talk to the players and coaches about who has become interesting. In the Posts case, they'd read our camp reports and then pretend they noticed too. It will be interesting to see how they do without the fans to help them notice what the crap is going on.
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