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From a thread over on Reddit.

So far this year the Chiefs:

Have not lead for even a second in a game all season. Record dates back to 1940 at least. (Saints win was OT and sudden death)
Have not scored touchdown on opening drive last 24 games.
Have been outscored in the first quarter of games so far this year 54 to 3.
Have turned ball over on their first possession of second half 3 consecutive games.
Have AT LEAST 10 more turnovers than touchdowns this year.
Have the league worst -18 turnover differential, 7 worse than second to last.
This has lead them to have the 8th overall offense in yards gained, but 30th overall offense in points scored. (They're still ahead of the eagles?)
They average less than 1 point in the first quarter. (Currently at .9)
Their offense gains on average 5.2 yards/play.
This results in them averaging a league 4th highest 70+ plays/game average on offense.
Romeo Crennel's "stout" defense gives up on average 6.1 yards/play.
Have yet to win a game at home in a stadium often considered one of the few remaining home field advantage stadiums.
Despite all of this, have yet to have any games blacked out this season.
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