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Hyperbole my ass. Slot corner may as well be a different position. Neither of those guys played the slot. I live in the Philly area and am subjected to Eagles games every week....Hanson got lit up by Wes Welker but so did half the league. He is a solid slot corner. If not for Boykin playing so well they would have kept him.

Hanson represented an upgrade so they picked him up. McKenzie was scouting him earlier in the preseason

From Adam Brandt's twitter

Raiders sign Joselio Hanson, per @caplannfl. Remember watching Eagles film w/Reggie McKenzie and how he liked Hanson.
as far as McKenzie goes

According to the Packers,

"McKenzie oversees Green Bayís scouting efforts of all professional football leagues, including the NFL, CFL and Arena Football League, as well as all other pro leagues and international players. He also plays an integral role in judging the Packersí current players and evaluating potential free agents across the league. McKenzie is heavily involved in all of the teamís moves on a daily basis, including all tryouts and transactions."
McKenzie was pretty dialed in to current players. I will trust his judgement over some guy who cant even hook on with a team so he spends his time second guessing from the sidelines.

Let's see what Ron Wolf has to say

Reggie's a tremendous evaluator," Wolf told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "He can tell you who can play and who can't play. That's what it's all about. Some can write reports but can't tell you who can play. Whatever that is, he has that. He has a feel."

Read more:

What exactly are horseface Elway's credentials again?
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