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Originally Posted by Jekyll15Hyde View Post
Its not every player. When there is a decent player cut a position that is generally regarded as one where we are lacking depth, we SHOULD be talking about it.

Gaffney is a good example since the WR depth is sparse after #2.
Same thing is going to be done if we see any decent LBs cut.
I came into this season thinking TE was in great shape but now I am not so sure. Tamme hasn't shown much and make you wonder if his single good season was an apparition. Dreessen was always going to be more in the blocking role relative to the other TEs. Julius Thomas likley is getting cut. Green has some potential but has a suspension. And Ingram hasnt shown enough yet and could likely be PS material. So for a QB like PFM who really likes to use the TE, why wouldnt it be smart to take a look. Downside is you get a guy who is hurt and you cut him and bring up Ingram/Thomas from the PS. Upside is you get the Cooley that has been one of the better pass catching TEs over the past several years, all while never having much at QB. That is a very palatable risk/reward scenario to me.

This is the time of the year where there are those veterans in the 1st cuts where the teams are trying to do them a favor to catch on somewhere else so these next few days are the peak of this.

But I agree that its unlikely we get any of them. If we do, I suspect its at WR, LB or TE. And maybe an outside shot of a veteran to replace Hanie.
Good logic. For the most part..
But think in this manner..

24 other teams have to pass on him before we would get him and IF we did then we would be on the hook for s contract as it stands..

Therefore more likely he will clear waivers and then try and make a deal with his best deal..

Most likely NOT in DEN because of the money crunch if they have any hope of tryiing to sign Clady this year..
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